Mini Spore Strips

Mini Spore Strips will fit into small areas of a device where a standard-sized spore strip cannot be used, such as inside tubing or under a cap.

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  • Excelsior Mini Spore Strips are manufactured with an 18 or 24 month shelf-life when stored under room temperature conditions. Mini spore strips are certified for species, population, purity, resistance, (dvalue, zvalue, survival/kill data, where applicable) and expiration date. Spore strips are available packaged in glassine envelopes or in bulk.
  • Catalog Number Packaging Spore Population/Strip
    STN – 062E Glassine envelopes 106 (1,000,000)
    STN – 062BE Bulk 106 (1,000,000)
    STN – 062MGE Mini-Glassine envelopes 106 (1,000,000)
    Bacillus atrophaeus 24 month shelf-life

  • Catalog Number Packaging Spore Population/Strip
    STS – 062E Glassine envelopes 106 (1,000,000)
    STS – 062BE Bulk 106 (1,000,000)
    Geobacillus stearothermophilus 30 month shelf-life

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