All products are manufactured in ISO 13485 certified facilities and meet all industry standards
  • Excelsior biological indicators provide a convenient, easy-to-use system for the reliable evaluation of your sterilisation processes including Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Radiation, Hydrogen Peroxide and Dry Heat.

    • Spore strips, discs and threads
    • Spore suspensions
    • Spore Ampoules
    • Self-Contained Biological Indicators (SCBIs)

    Excelsior can manufacture custom Biological Indicators using a variety of carriers in combination with any organism. Please enquire to obtain additional information about Excelsior’s capabilities to manufacture a custom indicator.

  • These colour-change indicators are manufactured using water-based, environmentally friendly, heavy metal free ink formulations.

    Brilliant colour transitions allow for end users to easily note when product has been exposed to a sterilisation process. Excelsior offers a variety of standard configurations as well as customised indicator labels in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your specifications.

    Chemical Process Indicators are available for monitoring Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Radiation, Hydrogen peroxide, Dry Heat, Steam-Formaldehyde and Chemiclave sterilization processes.

    • Chemical Process Indicators (dots)
    • Custom Indicator Labels (labels, strips and ribbon)
    • Sterilization Monitoring Inks (for Flexographic, gravure and silk screen printing processes)
  • Excelsior offers Bowie & Dick Test packs for monitoring effective steam penetration in vacuum autoclaves.

    The Bowie Dick Test Pack consists of a series of steam penetration (air removal) barriers in the centre of which is a chemical indicator sheet.

    The test pack should be placed into an empty autoclave chamber and put through a recommended autoclave cycle of 134°C for 3.5 minutes.

  • Excelsior Scientific Growth Promotion Test Suspensions are ready-to-use microbial suspensions for media performance, microbial assays, enumerations and susceptibility testing where <100 Colony Forming Units per aliquot are required.

    Organisms include:

    • Bacillus subtilis
    • Clostridium sporogenes
    • Candida albicans
    • Aspergillus brasiliensis
    • Kocuria rhizophila
    • Geobacillus stearothermophilus
    • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    • Staphylococcus aureus
    • Escherichia Coli
    • Bacillus atrophaeus
    • Salmonella enterica

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