CR4000RE Refrigerated Centrifuge

The Lab + range is our general purpose ‘work horse’ range of machines which offer flexibility and efficient sample processing with a wide variety of features. All have bright blue LED displays for clarity, and are available in capacities ranging from micro to 3 litres. In addition we offer an extensive range of high speed, high capacity rotors to match. The Excelsior Lab+ range are ideal for general laboratory use and allow the centrifuging of numerous samples in a single run while maximizing critical lab space.

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  • CR4000RE Refrigerated Centrifuge

    • Speed – 500-15000rpm (10 rpm steps)
    • rcf max – 22000G
    • timer – 0-99 mins & Hold (30 sec steps)
    • Dimensions –HWD 310 x 400 x 500mm
    • Weight – 64 Kg (without rotor)
    • power – 309 Watts
    • memory – 10 programs
    • accel rates –10 programs
    • Decel rates – 10 programs
    • Temp – -9˚C to +40˚C PID controlled to +/-1˚C

  • User Features Advantages
    Bright blue LED display Clarity & ease of use
    Rotor recognition Safe selection of rotors
    10 acceleration rates & 10 deceleration rates Sample assistance
    10 program memory Multi department & Users
    Timer 0-99 minutes & Hold in 1 second imcrements Total flexibility
    Pulse short run Fast pelleting
    Run in speed (rpm) of rcf (G) in 1 rpm increments Accuracy
    W2t plots time, accel rpm and decel True sample repeatability
    Sound <60db (rotor dependent) Quiet
    Orientation acceleration rate Prevents initial sample side deposits


    Standard to Excelsior Centrifuges Advantages
    Extra thick stainless steel bowl Easy to clean & rust free
    Port to lid Tachometer speed certification
    Alloy & Steel frame with composite’s Strong light and quiet
    World leading industrial grade inverter Reliability & Strength
    Best quality European brushless motor Quiet, cool & reliable
    High technology airflow (ambient mode) Cooler running
    All Centrifuges have use accessible service sections to access all safety parameters


    Safety Features Advantages
    Multi point lid locking Lid safety
    Emergency lid release Power failure release
    Lid gas struts Lid dropping safety
    Lid lock detection To run, lid must be shut
    Imbalance detection Easy “eye” volume loading
    Overspeed sensor Safe detection of speed
    Set inverter values Electronic safety of speed
    Barrier ring Extra metal protection of chamber
    Motor overheat sensor Safe motor protection

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